Corporate Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Corpus Christi International Seamen’s Center.

When ships come into the Port of Corpus Christi, the Seamen’s Center provides various humanitarian services to the seafarers on board. The services we provide include opportunities for communication with their families back home; taking seafarers on errands to buy personal care products, clothing, and gifts; counseling services when there is trouble at home or on board the ship; rest and relaxation at the center; companionship with people other than their fellow seafarers; newspapers, books, magazines and other literature in their own languages; and we provide services so that they may ship gifts and other items home to their family. Additionally, for seafarers who are not allowed to disembark, we take cell phones and calling cards to their ships so that they may make phone calls home to their family and friends.

The International Maritime Center also provides services to truckers, stevedores and other dockside workers.

Why should you partner with the Corpus Christi International Seamen’s Center?

  • The Seamen’s Center meets the many needs of one of societies most transitory, marginalized populations – seafarers. Those hard working men and women that spend over three hundred [300] days per year away from home and family to run the cargo ships that move over ninety [90] percent of the worlds goods around the globe.
  • The Seamen’s Center directly serves more than seventy percent of the seafarers entering the Port of Corpus Christi.

How can you partner with the Corpus Christi International Seamen’s Center?

The Seamen’s Center seeks to form mutually beneficial, long-term, strategic partnerships with corporations that can offer revenue, reach, donations of products and services or employee involvement to support the ongoing humanitarian service goals of the Seamen’s Center.

For more information on how your company can partner with the Seamen’s Center, please call Sharon Emerson, President of the Board, at 361.883.8405.